Updating the 1950 ranch style home sean roderick stewart dating

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A tall, stately gable or offset, overlapping gables emerging over the front entry draw the eye up rather than across the home’s sprawling length.The typical ranch has a family room neighboring the kitchen.A feature as seemingly insignificant as the front door can improve a ranch home’s curb appeal; swap out a retro-red door for a modern black or white one.Then cover a bare porch or front steps with a portico that gives presence to a plain entry point.

But if you have “higher” expectations, gables are your go-to.

Unless it’s built atop a hill, your ranch home might seem a little “low.” The long, low design of the Mid-Century ranch makes its exterior look squashed and the interior resemble a manufactured double-wide trailer.

An updated ranch home fits in better alongside taller neighboring homes, and attracts more buyers, if you list it for sale.

Or simply swap shag carpets for low-pile Berber -- or have the thick, snazzy carpeting cleaned, and appreciate that it’s back in style.

Lorna Hordos has owned a home-flipping business for more than two decades.

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