Updating source code control status

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If you turn inheritance off without setting the desired permissions, you can lock yourself out of a file or folder and require a TFS administrator who is also an administrator on the application tier computer to fix the permissions.

Application tier local administrators can never completely lock themselves out by design.

I recently connected my project to Source Anywhere Hosted, and was successful using source code integration successfully until I shut down Visual Studio.

Now when I open my solution inside of visual studio, the software appears to connect to each of the projects successfully, but then hangs with the message "Updating Source Code Control Status" in the status bar. Because you helped me so much, I'm gonna return the favor and help those who dont know how to update the hosts file.

Permissions can be inherited from the containing folder, or you can declare permissions explicitly.

Permission settings are in the form of either Allow or Deny.

Note: You cannot undo the locks without undoing the changes if an exclusive lock has been turned on for the team project.

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The following are common operations you might want to execute from the command line: You set permissions by right-clicking the folder or file in Source Control Explorer, clicking Properties, and then on the Security tab, selecting the user or group for which you want to change permissions, and editing the permissions listed under Permissions.

For example, you can use the command line to schedule operations by using the Microsoft Windows® Task Scheduler.

To ensure that the appropriate path and other environment variables are set up, run the tool from the Visual Studio 2005 Command Prompt window, or run the Vsvars32 batch file, which is normally located in :\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio 8\Common7\Tools.

A more experienced developer can then unshelve the changes, review them, and check them in later.

When a branch is in maintenance mode―for example, after it has been shipped―you can turn off permissions inheritance to lock down the tree.

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