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The role includes: a) Translation check: set up the community in the language requested b) Community Management: encourage discussions amongst participants based on the weekly activity guidelines, c) Content a... (Can be uploaded to You Tube) Here is the link: [url removed, login to view] Good luck! Or someone if have already the same script with callbacks removed im ready to pay just 20 EUR Thanks I need a software including social login when connecting to free wifi and simple backend which can collects some data from customer like email or phone number. I will like to write a proposal to my management company outlining the need for this, and steps that need to be taken for this to materialize.

We would like to create 2 videos using Stock videos from i Stock, Getty, etc..

The purchases should be approx 100 per weeks for 5 weeks so that the system is not triggered. Sub-project context The system uses a SAMD51 ARM processor with an Atmel Start based project.

Start says 8.23 but the headers say Free RTOS V9.0.0rc2.

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