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The night is still early enough and many head for the bar or whatever and very often the craic can be mighty.

You now know at least fifteen other people so you shouldn’t have much of a problem mixing in the bar. in Limerick is our new speeddating venue in Limerick and we are anxious to get going there as quickly as possible.

After many hours of searching we have chosen Scotts over other venues for a number of reasons. Scotts also has plenty of private parking and is also situated in a nice safe and upmarket area of town.

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This legendary venue is well known in Limerick and provides the perfect venue for us to host our events.

Most of you will adjourn to the bar where you now have the opportunity to meet the same people again and possibly one or two that you might fancy.

Come alone if you are new in town or short on friends.

The real serious business of marking your card usually takes place now and can take up to a half an hour.

People are usually in high spirits after the event.

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