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In 1700 the total population of the American colonies was 250,888, of whom 223,071 (89%) were white and 3.0% were ethnically Scottish.self-reported Scottish ancestry, 1.7% of the total US population.Trade between Scotland and the American colonies was finally regularized by the parliamentary Act of Union of Scotland and England in 1707.Population growth and the commercialization of agriculture in Scotland encouraged mass emigration to America after the French and Indian War, American bluegrass and folk music styles have roots in the Appalachian ballad culture of the Scotch-Irish Americans (predominantly originating from the "Border Ballad" tradition of southern Scotland and northern England).Scottish Americans descended from nineteenth-century Scottish immigrants tend to be concentrated in the West, while others in New England are the descendants of immigrants from the Maritime Provinces of Canada, especially in the 1920s.

Match up your lock and keys as you mingle to earn prizes.Large scale emigration from Scotland to America began in the 1700s after the Battle of Culloden where the Clan structures were broken up and as a result of the Highland Clearances.The Scots went in search of a better life and settled in the thirteen colonies, mainly around South Carolina and Virginia.He took part in the conquest of New Granada in 1532 with Alonso de Heredia.He arrived in Mexico in 1534-5, and joined Coronado's 1540 expedition to the American Southwest.

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