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In addition to manual tuning, you also get auto-seek tuning, which lets you lock in on the most powerful stations broadcasting at the time. The AS-738 is another superior product of the Rodelvox line of fine electronic instru- ments.

We are the exclusive importers of Rodelvox products in the United States and can therefore bring you this breakthrough unit for just .95.

Several times luring the journey we found troops of )aboons camped out on the road, often efusing to move.

The Catholic nun who ;reeted us at the mission still remembered he Belgian ornithologist and directed us the exact spot where he had collected he finch twenty-five years earlier.

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If you prefer, mail check or card authorization ana expiration.

Darwin burst Owen's bubble with a marginal note in his personal copy of Owen's major work. Darwin wrote: "I look at Owen's archetype as more than idea, as a real representation as far as the most consummate skill and lofti- est generalization can represent the parent form of the Vertebrata." However we construe the concept of an organizing principle of design for major branches of the evolutionary tree — and Darwin's version gets the modem nod over Owen's — the idea remains central to biol- ogy.

There, growing along a small stream, was the eason for the bird's large bill: another pecies of sedge, with seeds twice as hard IS those of the hard-seeded sedge growing n our study area. AS-138 4-Band Digital Shortwave Receiver only »9925* *Btit read this ad for an even better deal! nc Through the advanced technology of I'LL ^^^^Zuslo U.

Did the larger-billed ariant represent a new species of eedcracker or yet another bill morph? But now I under- tand how Lang and Chapin's two-year xpedition ended up lasting six. Cu,.,, (Phase Lock Loop), frequency synthesizer „, wiih anf/ ac/dc adapin.

Consider the subset of terrestrial ver- tebrates, a group technically called Tetra- poda, or four legged (and including amphibians, reptiles, birds, and mammals in conventional classifications). In external appearance and functional role, a whale and a hummingbird seem sufficiently dis- parate to warrant ultimate separation.

Yet we unite them by skeletal characters com- mon to all tetrapods, features that set our modem concept of an archetype.

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