Lithuanian dating define dating abuse

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ithuania is a small beautiful historical country full of pretty people, which is the main reason why spotting a attractive Lithuanian girl is very easy.Lithuania is the largest and most populous of the Baltic States, and some geographers believe the capital city, Vilnius, to be at the geographical center of Europe.however have always found Eastern European women the most beautiful ... and can’t wait to come over there in June to spend time with her and being shown around Vilnius and maybe we talk about our marriage.- I would expect that Lithuanian women are generally not all the same. They would be similar to Asian, Russian, English, American, or any other kind of women.

Unfortunately the same can not said about other Baltic capitals (I’m looking at you here, Riga).

(Kyle’s note: you can also add Prague, Tallinn, parts of Poland, and more to this list…) And last (but definitely not least): wrong.

So before I give you a detailed account of what Lithuanian girls are like, let me explain a few things about their dating culture.

In the span of three weeks I managed 5 notches and a blowjob with Lithuanian girls.

One of those lays came from classic nightgame (21 years old), another one came from daygame (19) and one more from ‘terasa game’ (19) – a concept I will explain in a bit.

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