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It was also a contrasting situation for the star attractions - deejays Beenie Man and Spice.

While Spice dazzled and was well received, Beenie earned the wrath of the fans after making what was seen as unkind remarks to a female patron.

It was on Columbus’s second voyage in 1494 that he landed in Jamaica. They were kicked out of Spain and Portugal, so they had to find somewhere else to go.” Jamaican historian Richard Guy even goes so far as to say that there were definitely Jews traveling on the ship with Columbus, and that even Columbus himself may have been a converted Jew.

“Jews were among the first families that came to Jamaica,” Rabbi Henriques says. In any case, he asserts that there were Jews living in Jamaica before there were Jews in the United States.

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There is, however, some disagreement in Jamaica today about whether Belisario can really be described as a Jamaican artist, even though he is known to have been born in Jamaica, says the museum’s assistant curator Monique Barnett.All the doors are wide open — or maybe there are no doors. Inside, white and black people, men and women, pray and sing together.The floor is covered in sand, a Sephardic tradition that goes back to the days of the Inquisition when Spanish Jews had to hide their identity.During his set, Beenie Man, who took the stage in the aftermath of Spice's high-energy set, was flowing quite smoothly, blazing out songs like Zagga Zow, Rum and Redbull, Slam, Old Dog and Dude, when he basically got derailed by the antics of a female fan.The young fan climbed on to the stage, turned her posterior to the deejay and began gyrating on his pelvic area, After a few moments, the deejay eased her off and remarked, "You clothes dirty ...

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