Dating roycroft marks cannot restart automatic updating

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If you can feel slight, parallel ridges and hollows, the piece was hand planed, probably prior to the mid-19th Century.

Construction techniques can assist you in dating furniture. In the 17th Century, butt and rabbet joints were used.

About 1915, probably for the Panama Pacific International Exposition, Dirk van Erp added the words “San Francisco” as a separate impressed mark.This “open-box San Francisco” mark was used from about 1915 until 1977 when Dirk van Erp’s son, William van Erp died.Sometime after 1929, when Dirk van Erp had retired and left his son William van Erp in charge of the studio, William added the words “Handwrought” as a separate impressed mark. see shop mark below), matching bedroom and dining room suites, other styles, Mission, Modern Mission, and Swiss Austrian with a lighter look introduced ca.1915 for the Modern Mission; used stencilingproduced a range of pieces with a small workforce (less than ten employees is assumed for most of the production years), from small wares such as candle holders and stamp boxes, to chairs, to large commissioned desks and bureaus; Art Nouveau inspiration in some pieces and prolific use of exposed decoration and carving, both functional, e.g.

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