Cpanel bandwidth not updating

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There is several reasons for which the AWStats is not working, but here are few steps to restore the functionality on VPS/Dedicated box.Firstly, the survey that has to be checked using to get the acceptance and we have to make apache modulation which has the flaw report to access AWStats.THE REASON WHY c Panel AWStats IS NOT UPDATING AUTOMATICALLY c Panel tool is often used by the AWstats which is used to analyze the visitors of the internet site.

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You must have root access to server for updating AWStats via SSH. 2, Execute; In the AWStats page there is an option to update it manually. You have to check the following this via shell as root user.

If that doesn’t work selecting minimal options then don’t select Option 6 in step 3, instead select Option 5 or even 3 depending on your needs.

AWStats is one of the most commonly using c Panel tool to analyse website traffic summary.

You can drill down through the directories to find exactly where space is being used by using the table at the bottom of the screen.

Where are the reports on disk space, file count, and bandwidth usage?

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