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Renee and Alex are exciting to each other but during one oftheir lovemaking sessions, Alex makes a comment about how much she misses havinga mans cock involved.

Renee is sick and tired of her complaining about itso she decides to teach her a lesson. She becomes rather forceful - pawing at Alex and ordering her tosuck her strap-on cock.

She encourages her to take it really deep in herthroat until she gags.

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Now Tyler is fucking Star's mouth with the dildo and her husband is taking her from behind. Finally, they lay Star on her back and Tyler goes down on her while her husband puts himself in her mouth.They slowly undress her and enjoy her body with their hands and mouths.They carry her to the bedroom where they tie her up and ball gag her.Chelsea and Renee start off with really slow and sexy strip-teases.Once they've worked all the clothes off, the remain in their stockings and garter - Reneehas Chelsea sit down so she can rub her all over with vaseline.

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