Consolidating rotten wood Sex chat no sign chat

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While you should remove all you can, there is no need to be obsessive about it.Large timbers may require drilled holes about 1/4", sloping downward, for the injection of the CPES™.If there is a substantial amount of moisture present, the wood should be allowed to air dry, or, a technique we have used successfully on many occasions when time was important, use a hair dryer full blast to remove the moisture from the wood.

If the bad wood is accessible, we recommend tearing out all of the rot that can be reached.

For large areas we've used the commercial kerosene heater/blowers rented by rent-all stores.

The wood will get the dry, cracked, brittle surface appearance that bad wood has when the moisture has been removed.

Also, the relatively high viscosity of most epoxy dry rot treatments prevents penetrating deep into the affected wood.

In addition to alcohol, CPES™ contains other precisely measured organic solvents which act as "carriers" and take the epoxy deep into the wood and then evaporate out over a period of time.

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