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Blind dating This is perhaps my favourite type of dating!

Most likely, the date has been set up by friends who really know you and the other person.

No more amazing first dates, no more first kisses, no more hilarious bad-date stories.

So after such extensive research what have I learnt along the way?

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In some sense, this was a way of making peace with that chapter of my life coming to a close, perhaps forever.Public transport This is less dodgy than it sounds. One on the Eurostar (yes he was a saucy Frenchman) and the other on the underground (the relationship was short and sweet, just like him). It's easy to run out of enthusiasm after the 10th bad date. I think this is such a romantic way to meet someone - if it worked, what a great story to tell your grandchildren. Meet half way so there's less chance of bumping into each other afterwards! Tell three of your mates/members of family where you are going and what you are doing. Sounds a bit extreme but ask a friend to call you an hour after the date has started - not only is it super safe but if the date is really bad you have an excuse to leave! But for many people this is a small price to pay for meeting someone in a comfortable environment. But as one person commented, is it any more dangerous than picking someone up in a bar?And there are now enough amazing success stories to convince anyone of it's effectiveness. Don't try and impress with white lies - better to find out if he likes the real you, right at the start. If you didn't like your date, let them know gently the next day.

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