Checklist dating my daughter

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Most importantly, he honors your family by never speaking badly about them or instigating division.

Whether he likes them or not is irrelevant, it is a matter of respect and it gives you a nice preview of how he will treat you when less than perfect patches occur in a potential marriage.

It shows me that he cares and is willing to put his other priorities aside and love me in the way that I am fueled by it the most.

Encouraging: He celebrates your talents, passions, family time and friendships.

It’s so funny how we know our self worth and how we should be treated when we’re single.

Then suddenly, we meet the guy that shows us some flattering attention and we’re knocked off our game.

He doesn’t allow jealousy to come between you and loved ones or your dreams.

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You want to be with a guy who will be a safe person for not only you, but future children.He can let it go: He knows how to move forward and never holds your mistakes or embarrassing moments against you.He covers your reputation, emotions and dignity by never seeking to humiliate you.Giving is a wonderful thing, but it can be detrimental to your soul eventually if it is taken advantage of and not reciprocated by your man.Be sure he isn’t only with you for what you give to him, but because he genuinely finds joy in giving to you as well.

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