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Should you continue to use the website or chat and go against the terms of the site, the website owner has the absolute right to ban you from their chat room, or ban you completely from using their website entirely.

This is the same right you have to vanquish trouble making people you do not want from your own home or property.

HELLO obnoxious person, What about the chat room operators right to keep THEIR chat room and other chat users free from trouble makers, foul language, and threats.

Guess their narrow minds can't quite get around that fact...

Should you not behave at someone's home you are asked to leave, and in some cases asked not to return.

A website is the same, you are welcome to use it as long as you follow the terms of using the website.

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WUCIWUG – What you see is what you get WUF – Where are you from?

"There is no such concept as absolute freedom of speech.

Life would be quite un-livable if everyone were to be encouraged or for that matter permitted to speak their mind without second thought for the consequences."Chat Rooms Bans and Freedom of Speech Online chat rooms can often turn from being fun enjoyable places to visit online, to places of spammers and scammers, obnoxious users, freedom of speech arguments, and ISP disconnections.

In general there are four types of chat room users These are users that are a pleasure to have in any chat room. They are always polite and welcome new people to the room and make them feel comfortable and wanted.

These people generally end up being regular chatters on a site and are an asset to any website operating a chat room(s).

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