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Even if we assume that someone will attack the US, having these weapons makes the Burlington Airport and surrounding towns a target for such an attack.

More Dangerous World: Not just Vermonters will be more at risk.

The Defense Department said it did not comment on alleged or actual cyber infiltrations, potential impacts to Do D operations, or any possible investigations.

To contact the Stop the F­35 Coalition for more information or to join the campaign, call 802.309.4824 or email Stopthe [email protected]

Fortunately there were no injures and the pilot ejected safely.

Shortly after takeoff, there were engine problems which resulted in the crash.

Weapons like the F­35 also put US troops in more danger as they make wars more likely. They may contribute to “blow back” revenge attacks that put us all in danger. Aggressive wars and weapons like the F­35 do not promote freedom in other countries or in the US. The F­35 is Not a Jobs Program: The Air Force stated that it will reduce personnel in Vermont regardless of whether the F­35 is based in Vermont. The F­35 program diverts hundreds of billions of needed dollars.

Vermonters oppose deploying our soldiers overseas in yet more foreign wars, like the illegal and immoral US war and occupation in Iraq. This waste should not be allowed when teachers and state workers­­who actually contribute to community welfare­­are being laid off in record numbers.

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    The most densely populated part of Vermont is not the place to base this weapon.

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