Adult chat room cuckold

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I’m on my knees and could not resist to his feet slipped. I was quite uncomfortable – just breathe easier was unable to lift the nose.

His xy half of me came out in this position and did not come back! He crushed my tits on his cock with all the forces pulling and I just had to swallow his prick.

We had a good marriage, kids, good careers and were happy for a number of years. Lots of details involved of course, but sex became less frequent, we talked less, things became tense, communication got worse. She became somewhat of a secondary concern for me and I let my marriage fall into decay. Around November of last year she finally actually asked me if it was something I would like to do.

My only issue was that I wanted it to be someone that neither of us knew and we ended up agreeing to try it on New Year's eve.

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There are already many people chatting to each other about Cuckold, and you could just be seconds away from joining in the fun!These guys are used as foot rests and clean up crews, and believe me, theres plenty of messiness with the major cum shots they share.The folder count per set is large, and you do have the ability to ZIP.The plan was to go to a club where I would pretend to not know her and let her go wild on the dance floor looking for someone to share a new years kiss with.Here are a few pictures so you can see what she looks like.

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